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About Us

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The 6 Pack Fitness Team

The 6 Pack Fitness Team is a dedicated group of people inspired by design and serious about function. Our offices in San Francisco and Tampa operate on 10 principles.

1. Create the ultimate Travel Fit experience from start to finish.
2. We are f#cking serious about improvement.
3. Smarter, faster, better, louder.
4. We are always one touch away from making our customers advocates.
5. No one is above a task. Ever.
6. Bust the “Ok Plateau.” Good enough is never good enough.
7. There is only “And.” No “But.”
8. No douchebags.
9. Get. Shit. Done.
10. “No” may sometimes be the final answer, but it is never the first.

This is how we do. Meet more of our team below!

Misha Breyburg


Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Misha founded Six Pack Fitness in 2009 by inventing a bag that kept busy athletes in control of their daily grind, travels, and meal plan. As founder and CCO, he directs our overall vision, business strategy and leads our creative team, cranking out innovative designs and inspired ideas that define who we are as a company. With an academic background in marketing and real estate development, a fitness background in absolutely everything awesome, and a business mindset that’s unmatched, we’d stock our Six Packs and follow Misha anywhere…even if his intensity scares us sometimes.

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Gera Rivkin


Chief Executive Officer

Gera came on board as CEO after advising the company from its beginning. He mans the helm of day-to-day operations, runs overseas production, and co-captains our venture to the port of awesome. With his relaxed disposition he naturally knows how to rally the troops into a cohesive, badass unit. Before he was building our innovative bags for athletes, he was leading the OEM division at Lowepro, producing bags for leading retailers and electronic manufacturers. Gera has a degree in Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley, an MBA from San Francisco State University, and after years of pounding the bags at his local boxing gym, the sickest right hook you've ever seen.

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